Mar 12, 2017

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This is another exciting news for every Contechs Blog fan, you can now watch tutorials, how to and free browsing settings live on Youtube by Subscribing to Contechs Tutorials.
This would enable you understand and also verify how a particular fix is done or how a free browsing is set so you won't still be struggling with the wrong settings.

Lots of tutorials would be posted on the posted on the channel including but not limited to Free browsing tweaks and settings, "How to fix Android Imei, ID, and Phones issues", Computer Tricks and Trouble shooting, Phones and Gadgets Review, Download Links to Paid Apps for Free, Games and Apps Reviews and every other Tech related topics.
Videos would also made for articles that are written here that requires further explanation of visual guidance. as i earlier said, this is to ensure that everyone is carried along and none left behind.

I decided to open this channel because i got to discover that not everyone understand how to fix issues by just reading the steps, most people would require physical or visual guidance, though pictures are attached to articles for easier understanding, some newbies may still not understand the steps until they watch a video and then follow the steps gradually.
No newbie would from now still find setting up any free browsing or fix for a fault difficult cause i would make sure i create a video for any tutorial that i sense may be difficult for you.

If ever find any fix discussed in an article here difficult and unfortunately do not also find a video for it on our youtube channel, you should immediately make a comment on that article requesting a video to be made for it. We would make a video for the article you requested as soon as possible and a mail would be sent to notify you.

You can also submit your own video for an article, if review and found to be relevant it would be uploaded to our channel immediately.
Send your videos via Whatsapp to 09025331365 or you email it to .

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