Jan 27, 2017

Easiest Way To Tweak Android IMEI With Latest Version Of Engineering Mode App

Tweaking of Imei has been made very simple, Even a first time Android user can tweak.
See how it's done.

If you've ever tweaked imei then am sure you know about this popular imei tweaking app called "Mobile Uncle Tools", It is the best imei tweaking app till date.  Many of us used this app to tweak the MTN 750Mb imei that was available in 2015, we also used this app to tweak the 4Gb 2GOmb..... I still remember how i traveled to my Hometown and tweaked it on my Grandparents Sims, I tweaked over 5sims.

Then the Imei tweaking procedure was as it is Here. Most people were unable to follow the procedure while others saw it as been too stressful.
But the Good News is that this App has been modified and using it to tweak imei now is just as simple as loading a Recharge Card.

Procedure To Follow;

* Download and Install Mobile Uncle       Tools Latest version (Now called MTK Engineering Mode) from Here...

* Analyze your Imei with Imei Analyser and write it down

* Open the installed MTK Engineering Mode app and click on "Imei Tweak"
simple way to tweak imei

* In the space provided, Type in the analyzed imei and click on "Tweak"
how to tweak imei

* Restart your phone and your Imei number has been changed. You can check it by dialling *#06# on your phone.

Wasn't that too simple? Well all we have to do now is get the app installed and get ready for the upcoming Imei cheat.
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  1. please when i try to download it says i should enter decryption key. can you please mail it to me? (mike572000@gmail.com) thank you

    1. Ohh, sorry about that. Check our contact information and contact me on Whatsapp.

  2. Hello, how do i get the decryption key?


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