Dec 20, 2016

Make Over #10,000 Before Xmas By Joining Us On E-Cooperative

Hello Guys, Today I wish to Introduce to you all a means by which you could have the Merriest Christmax ever. I promised to make your Christmas merryful this year and this is what am here to do by introducing you to a source of Cash Inflow where you could make over 40,000Naira with a startup capital of just #1000.
Yes! It is possible and it is already working,
This isn't MMM neither is it Icharity but this is a New but Confirmed paying source that guarantee's you 4,000Naira in less than one week.
All you would have to ever spend and start enjoying this opportunity is just 1000Naira and then you become a Boss sitting at Home.
Enough of the Talks and Praises, This is How It Works:

You would need a Sponsor
A sponsor is someone who invited you and is
already in the network ( Like Me ). You would register through his Link. You are to contribute
₦1000 into your sponsor's business.
How to Make Money from e-Cooperative
For you to be part of this business, you need the
1. A Nigerian bank account.
2. A phone number.
3. An e-mail address [optional].
Look at the Diagram at the Beginning of this Post to Understand the Stages.
Stage 1
You give Jane [your sponsor] ₦1,000 and invite 4
persons to join you in the cooperative. This four
persons will give you ₦1,000 each amounting to
To move to level 2, you CLICK on upgrade and
Anie's account details appear. Note that the
figurative Anie in the above diagram is the person
who brought your sponsor [Jane]. You give ₦2,500
to Anie, and when the 16 persons that your initial 4
persons want to upgrade to level 2, you will receive
₦2, 500 from each 16 persons. What that means is
that you will earn ₦40,000.
When you give Ifiok [the third person above]
₦5,000, you will receive ₦320,000 from your 64
persons when they are moving up to level 3.
When you give Emma [the fourth person above
you] ₦10,000, your 256 persons when moving up
to level 4 will give you ₦10,000 each summing up
to ₦2,560,000.
Stage 2
The second stage is automatic. When you give Jane
[your sponsor] N25,000 naira for level 5, you will
receive N100,000 from your 4 down lines. When
you give Anie N50,000 for level 6, you will receive
N800,000 from your 16 persons. When you give
N90,000 to Ifiok [your third person], you will
receive N5,760,000 from your 64 persons. And
finally, when you give N175,000 to Emma for level
8, you will receive N44,800,000 [Forty four million
eight hundred thousand Naira] , and then you circle
You can choose to get into the system as many
times as you like.

Hope you understood that? Well if you did then am sure you are ready to start counting your own Money? Abi you what carry last? Nawa oo I sure say last no be your Position.
So if you have decided then you can Join Us On Ecooperative.
Wondering why you should join via my refferer link? Well I think it's because you are always safer knowing whom your sponsor is and also because you can't join without a sponsor.
Additionally, you would also be assured of getting your 4 downlines same week as a member of my Team, Still Confused? Well once a Sponsor gets upto to 4 downlines, any other registration done via his referrer link would automatically be given as a downline to his previous downlines, This means his downlines wouldn't have to hustle much to get downlines since their sponsors team is active. Join Us now to enjoy your Xmas Wella. Join The Ultimate Team Today HERE.
You can Contact Me via Whatsapp on 09025331365 or Call me on 09093506161 For your Enquiries or Confirmations.
Remember am always open for Negotiations, Merry Christmax.



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