Oct 8, 2016

How to Migrate In and Out of any MTN Tariff Plan for FREE

Hello Readers, I just want give it this simple but useful information as i have found out that most people still pay MTN #100 when they want to migrate from one tariff plan to another within a period of 1month, This simple trick would stop you from dashing

mtn that money and instead use it for Sub or calls.

This means that you can migrate to MTN Pulse for Night Plans and still migrate to MTN Betatalk later to receive bonus on recharge, You can also migrate unlimitedly without paying a dime.


If you migrated to Ex. MTN Trutalk 5mins ago and now wishes to Migrate back to MTN Pulse,
Just do the following;

* After completing your supposed task on the former Tariff Plan, Dial *460*1# and you would be migrated to MTN Bizclass for Free

* Now you can dial the Migration for the tariff you wish to migrate to and migrate for free.

Ex. I wish to migrate to MTN Pulse, I would dial *460*1# after being migrated to MTN Bizclass then i dial *406# and get migrated to MTN pulse for Free. Simple, isn't it?

Always repeat the Migration to MTN Bizclass when you wish to migrate to another plan for free.
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