Apr 26, 2017

Bands And Frequencies of 4G LTE Networks In Nigeria

Band of Nigeria 4G LTE Networks
For a network like MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Ntel etc 4G LTE to work on a particular phone, that phone must support it's band and frequency, different networks have different bands and this makes it hard for users to get the right phone that would support all the 4G bands.

A device is 4G compatible does not mean it would work with any 4G Network, There are some Technical terms that determines a device's compatibility with a 4G Network, These Terms are what you would understand now and you should then be able to pick out the 4g Network(s) your device supports.

Term 1; BANDS

Every network operates on a particular Band although multiple networks can operate on the same Band, Now your Device should support a particular Band that matches with the band that the 4G network you wish to use operates on in order for it to work.

That is to say- A device that Supports Band 3 and 7 would not be compatible with a 4G network that uses Band 20, And so would a 4G network that uses Band 3 not work on a Device that supports Band 7 and 20, Hope you've Understood?


Has the same study as Bands as they both work together, Your Device should support your 4G Networks frequency for it to work.
Nevertheless, If your device supports your Networks Band then the rest assured that it would surely work. That is to say - If your Device supports Band 3 and your 4G network runs on Band 3 then you shouldn't bother checking the frequency cause it would still match.
phones that support glo 4g lte

Now to the main issue; Time to know the different 4G Bands Nigeria networks uses and know if your phone supports them.

NETWORK                         BAND(S)                               FREQUENCY

MTN 4G LTE                      7 and 20                       2600mhz and 800mhz

ETISALAT 4G LTE                  3                                       1800mhz

GLO 4G LTE                         28                                       700mhz

AIRTEL 4G LTE                      ?                                              ?

NTEL 4G LTE                     8 and 3                           900mhz and 1800mhz

SMILE 4G LTE                        20                                       800mhz

SPECTRANET 4G LTE             40                                       2300mhz

INTER C                                 20                                       800mhz

Those are the bands and frequencies for all the 4g networks in Nigeria, all you have to do is check the operator your phone supports it's Band and then get it to enjoy 4G Internet Speed!!!

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Note: Airtel is yet to launch their 4G LTE service, But they've informed us that they have plans of launching the service soon in collaboration with ZTE, you can read about it hereStay Cool and Fast On 4G LTE!!!



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