Aug 17, 2016

How To Install Android Device Driver On PC

If you do lots of Flashing of zip files on Android devices then this is the perfect post for you on `How you can Install your devices driver on your PC to enable it to recognize, read and modify your phones system files`.

how to install android drivers on pc

There are many methods by which you can install drivers of your phone to your PC but most of this methods are quite hard and risky to try for a Beginner.
The Method am about to give you here works almost on all Android Devices, It is considered the Universal method and also the Easiest method to install drivers to your PC.


Download PDANET exe file for your PC and Install it ( Don`t Run it yet )
Connect your Device to your PC ( Make sure you enabled USB Debugging on your on 
your phone before connecting )
Now launch the PDANET app you installed on your PC
It should ask you to select your Device type, Select `Other` from the list if your device is not listed
Wait for it to Install Drivers and you should get  a `Drivers Successfully Installed` Massage.
If you`ve got the Success massage then your phones drivers have been installed successfully.
Now you can go ahead and do what ever you need to do on your Phone via that requires Drivers.
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