Dec 6, 2015

How To Tweak Mediatek Android Device Imei

Follow the procedure below the tweak the imei number of any Android Mediatek device, tweaking of imei allows you get free data bundles from different networks.

Firstly you have to download Mobile uncle tools. This app would be used to tweak your imei. After downloading and installing the aforementioned app, Open it.

This step can be skipped but i advise you to backup your imei by clicking on imei backup restore' then choose sdcard to backup to, when successful go back to the apps homepage and click on Engineer mode and click also Engineer mode (mtk)

Note: If you don't find the Engineer mode (mtk) then you should know your phone is not an mtk device.

Under Engineer mode side scroll to connectivity and select CDS information, Then select Radio information after which you select the sim you wish to change it's imei.

How to get free data with imei tweak

Here comes the hard part, on the field with AT+, type E and you would see some dropdown options select 1,7"" for sim 1 and 1,10"" if you are changing sim 2.

Then give a space between the + and E.

Type in your new 15 digits imei between the two apostrophe after 7 or 10, ex: AT+ EGMR=1,7"123456789123456".

Then click Send At Command, If successful you should receive a response of : AT command is msent.

Reboot your Phone to activate your new imei, Dial *#06# to check your new imei.

Note: If after tapping the send at command you recieve a response of This command is not allowed in userbuild, Then check if gave a space between + and E and you are good to go.

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